Dvorak cello concert

”Marko Ylönen's Goffriller cello has a resonating sound, and his broad virtuoso, strong emotion, and the instrument's nuanced and glowing aircaptivate the audience.”

Helsingin Sanomat, January, 2010

”Bach's A major cello concerto was the jewel of the concert, thanks to Marko Ylönen's playing.”

Helsingin Sanomat, June 2011

Chopin and Rachmaninov Duo sonatas:

”The cello's song had the same beauty as that of the warmest of voices and the bow's dance was like an effortless flight.”

Aamulehti, March 2009

Chopin/Rachmaninov:Sonatas for piano and cello, Alba album

”Listeners will immediately notice the power and intensity that Ylönen coaxes from his Goffriller cello , easily setting this album apart for the ease of hearing- even feeling- the cello throughout. Apart from the sheer power of his sound , Ylönen also plays with incredible finesse, a broad array of tone colors,vibrant dynamics and arrestingvibrato. His left hand is precisely in tune throughout and his right arm is articulate and tireless.”

Mike. D. Brownell, AllMusic, December, 2010

”Ylönen can cut the sound of the cello sharply and through all the safety barriers, for example Chopin's sonata's prim first parts compact sound will give you goose bumps.”

Kare Eskola, Rondo magazine , March 2010

”Ylönen's cello plays gracefully and there is passion in the sound produced.”

Risto Nordell, YLE , January 2010

”The musical goal of the concert was reached thanks to Ylönen's elastic and pure playing.”

Helvi Kangas, Keskisuomalainen,February, 2010

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